Online LEGO workshops by Bricks McGee

Bricks McGee have been working hard with our museum and cultural venue partners to develop an online alternative for our workshops with LEGO bricks during lockdown.

As such, we’re really pleased to announce the launch of our online workshops with LEGO bricks. This is one in a number of offers we have developed for museums, schools and other child-focused environments.

If you’re a parent looking for our online workshop sessions open to the public, see here.

Online LEGO activities for our locked-down world


We’re used to running our workshops in museums, schools and as team-building events for businesses throughout the UK, but with the arrival of Coronavirus, venues are currently closed. So, we thought “what’s the next best thing to a LEGO workshop in a museum?”, and our answer was: online workshops with LEGO bricks!

We’ve been working to re-calibrate our LEGO activities to work online. This has varied per activity, but largely, we’ve found:

  1. More complex challenges needed simplifying – sometimes just a little – as even with crystal clear video and audio quality it can be difficult for participants to follow detailed instructions.
  2. Smaller workshop groups – we’ve reduced the recommended number of participants in each session to ensure everyone has a fair chance to contribute to the group if they want to.
  3. Not as many bricks required – whilst we know many households have LEGO bricks around, not everyone has the same quantity of LEGO to play with, so we’ve adapted some of our activities to ensure a fairer playing field (or should that be building desk?)

We’ve also developed a virtual workshop code of conduct to help ensure these are safe and fun for everyone, and we have 3 tips for better video calls to help those joining our workshops.

How do these online activities work?

These online workshops work similarly to our usual activities:

  1. You promote the event tickets through your social media and website channels
  2. Participants are sent a link to join the event via video call software such as Zoom
  3. Our facilitator guides participants through the challenges, and suggests ideas and improvements throughout

These can be a good potential source of income for museums and cultural venues during a quieter period. If you’d like to discuss online workshops and activities for your venue, please do get in touch.