How many LEGO bricks in Pick A Brick box at the LEGO store?

When it comes to buying LEGO bricks, we can all agree that more is better, and that’s why LEGO fans of all ages ask how many LEGO bricks can you get in a Pick A Brick box so often!

Through a little trial and error, we should be able to produce a fairly comprehensive guide to what quantity of LEGO bricks fits in both the large and small Pick A Brick cardboard boxes which replaced the plastic Pick A Brick cups in 2023 – 2024.

The LEGO elements are listed alphabetically by name, as they appear on Bricklink. The element name is linked to the Bricklink part page for easy cross-checking with part costs there.

This table is likely to become cluttered once many more parts are added, so we’ll look at providing a slicker system (including the ability to sort tables by columns) later down the line.

Adding other LEGO elements

The numbers below are what we counted: your mileage may vary! If you’d like to provide data to help improve this table, feel free to email with the element name, size of box, quantity that fit, and whether they parts were stacked tightly, or loosely packed. If you can provide a photograph of the packing, even better for verification at our end.

Pick A Brick quantities

Small boxes Large boxes
Element ID Element name
Sorted alphabetically by this field
Loosely packed Stacked Loosely packed Stacked
3004 Brick 1×2 627
3010 Brick 1×4 238 348
3001 Brick 2×4 112 170
2456 Brick 2×6 92
32607 Plant plate, round 1×1 with 3 leaves 1600
2435 Plant, Tree Pine Small 2 x 2 x 4 73
4073 Plate, round, 1×1 3540 3611
2431 Tile, 1×4 950 (approx 2×2 space remaining)
3068 Tile, 2×2 934