LEGO workshops and LEGO brick hire in the UK

There are many companies who hire LEGO bricks in the U.K., and it can be confusing to know what to ask. Hiring LEGO bricks isn’t something most people do every day, after all!

Bricks McGee hire LEGO bricks throughout the Great Britain, covering most of the UK. This guide is designed to help you answer some of the fundamental questions for planning your activities before getting quotes for brick hire.

Why hire LEGO bricks for your event?

Let’s start with the basics – why hire LEGO bricks for your event? Well, Bricks McGee are definitely biased as we love those little plastic bricks, and we’ve covered why activities with LEGO bricks make for a great event for all ages before, but here’s our top three reasons:

  1. LEGO bricks provide a hands-on, tactile activity. In this age of digital where everyone is tied to computer screens at work and home, it’s a refreshing break to use your hands and build something physical
  2. An activity with LEGO bricks can complement other activities during your company away day, or museum exhibition
  3. LEGO bricks have timeless appeal – those plastic bricks have existed since the 1950s so generations of your audience have interacted with them

How many LEGO bricks do you need?

Green LEGO 2x4 bricks for hire in the UK

It’s pretty impossible to know how many LEGO bricks any one activity and specific group of people will need.

For truly creative building we recommend a minimum of around 400 – 1500 parts per person, but this can vary wildly depending on your activities, activity duration and more.

We are happy to advise clients hiring LEGO bricks how many parts – or, usually, how many kilograms of LEGO parts – you might need to  hire. Please contact us via including any rough dates for hire, activities you plan to run, and a location for hire and we’ll get back to you.

Which activities are you planning to run?

LEGO activities in the UK

Sometimes, the type of activities you plan to run can affect the type – and quantity – of LEGO bricks we recommend that you hire.

Here are some good questions to consider when hiring:

  • Does your activity require specific part types to help builders? A base? Wheels? Gears/cogs? Parts in a specific colour?
  • How long is your activity? Will builders keep their models together between sessions (ie – will you need more LEGO than if models were broken apart between tasks?)
  • How many people will be participating? Are they working in teams or alone?
  • How long do you need to hire for? One day? Do you need the LEGO bricks to arrive the day before for set up?
  • Are the activities for younger children (5 and under)? If so, DUPLO bricks – LEGO bricks’ larger brothers – are ideal as they are twice the size of LEGO bricks!

What are you hiring LEGO bricks for?

The type of event you’re hiring for can dictate the type of LEGO bricks you should hire.

For younger children, larger DUPLO bricks, or a selection of larger parts can work well, whilst older children and adult builders may find a wider variety of parts more engaging.

Sorry, Bricks McGee don’t hire for stag parties, hen parties or birthdays, though many companies will do.

Are you attempting a big build LEGO model?

Are you attempting to build a larger specific model of something from LEGO bricks? If so, it may be better to look at commissioning a model design from LEGO bricks to ensure that you have all of the right parts to create the item you’re building as a group.

How long do you need the LEGO bricks for?

The duration of hire for the LEGO bricks will also effect the cost for your activities. Do you need them the day before for a dry run of your team-building event?

Do you need collection and delivery for your hire?

Bricks McGee can deliver and collect your hired LEGO bricks throughout most of Great Britain and the UK.

What about lost parts during the hire?

We anticipate a small loss per hire for those pesky LEGO bricks which hide under furniture, get left behind, or might end up in little peoples’ pockets and go home with them. For significant loss, we charge a restock fee per kilogram or part thereof that’s missing from the hired stock, and many other LEGO hire businesses will do the same.

Do I need to hire LEGO baseplates?

LEGO baseplates provide a sort of “base layer” to build models on to. They are available in a few sizes, but the most common is 32×32 studs – or roughly 25cm x 25cm.

We sometimes recommend these for younger builders, but they’re definitely not essential if you have enough parts for builders to build their own model bases – after all, LEGO building is all about building by connecting parts! Builders of any age provided with these tend to restrict themselves to the footprint of the baseplate, so we often find that not providing one encourages freer and more creative LEGO models to be built!

Need help organising your activities with LEGO bricks?

You can run events with LEGO bricks yourself for team-building and other activities in museums, but contact the Bricks McGee team is around to help if you’d like some experienced workshop facilitators to lead your sessions.