LEGO workshops for schools

Good news for schools in the UK! LEGO are currently offering free activity packs of LEGO bricks for use in schools.

Thanks to the Play Included scheme, UK schools are eligible to apply for free LEGO activity packs with resources for teachers and support staff to lead activities for their pupils.

There are some conditions of use (such as they just be used for at least one activity within a school), but this is a great opportunity to add LEGO bricks to your school’s resources for free.

If you don’t apply successfully, Bricks McGee are more than happy to help: we run engaging LEGO workshops for schools throughout Great Britain

How to apply for the free LEGO activity packs

You will need to apply via the Play Included website, and your school could be given £200 in LEGO to facilitate activities with the playful plastic bricks

You can apply for a limited number of LEGO activity packs on the Play Included website