I’m really pleased that the Bricks McGee blog have been featured in Feedspot’s top 50 LEGO blogs worldwide. I only started blogging about LEGO relatively recently, in the past few years, so to have made a top 50 list is unexpected.

Bricks McGee in Top 50 LEGO blogs

The top 50 LEGO blog list on Feedspot.com features some fantastic names in the LEGO adult fan community throughout the world, with Brickset and New Elementary deservedly earning a place high in the rankings for regular, original content.

The Bricks McGee LEGO blog features at #28 in the list – no mean feat given some of the competition I was up against (see the top 10 LEGO blogs below). In particular, my annual lists of LEGO events in the UK (see 2017’s LEGO events here) are heavily visited.

Top 10 LEGO blogs

Feedspot’s list featured quite a few familiar names in the LEGO fan world I already knew, alongside some totally new names.

  1. LEGO’s YouTube video blog – not one I visit regularly, but LEGO have become brilliant at creating short promotional videos!
  2. The Brothers Brick – another long-running LEGO site with some fantastic content.
  3. Brickset – one of my personal favourites, and probably most-visited LEGO site. Great LEGO sets and parts inventory, which I find really handy for finding element IDs I need to shop on Bricklink for custom LEGO models I’m building
  4. The Brick Show – another YouTube channel with regularly updated LEGO set reviews and more
  5. The Brick Fan – one I’m familiar with, but don’t visit often – should make more effort to do so!
  6. JK Brickworks – master of some truly hypnotic LEGO builds and well worth a regular visit
  7. The Brick Blogger – very regular poster based in America
  8. Jay’s Brick Blog – can’t say I’ve heard of Jay’s blog, but looks to be some great brick-based content there
  9. Brick Warriors – a small manufacturer with a custom LEGO-compatible, with a big following!
  10. Reddit’s /r/LEGO subreddit – great place to stay up to date with LEGO news, discussion and memes

As you can see, I was up against some pretty stiff competition from familiar names in the LEGO world – perhaps this will inspire me to blog more often!