Dublin GPO LEGO model at Brick Feile 2023 by 999Bricks

The 15th and 16th July 2023 saw the Brick Féile LEGO fan event back in Dublin at the CityNorth Hotel for a weekend of LEGO fun for all ages.

Hosted by Brick.ie, the Irish LEGO User Group, in aid of the Fairy Bricks charity who donate LEGO sets to children in hospitals around the world, Brick Féile saw its third year in 2023, after an inevitable break for Covid.

Our favourite LEGO models at Brick Féile

As usual, we selected a few of our favourite models from Brick Feile this year, and what better place to start than a LEGO model of Dublin itself!

Dublin General Post Office model by 999bricks

Dublin GPO LEGO model at Brick Feile 2023 by 999Bricks

This huge street scene built by @999_bricks represents the Easter Rising of 1916 in LEGO bricks, centred around the General Post Office in Dublin. The Post Office building was demolished by the British after the rebellion was extinguished – well worth a read in to the history here. The buildings are all superb representations of the street as it was, and the number of minifigures in the scene is huge!

Collaborative LEGO Dublin Zoo model by Brick.ie

LEGO Dublin Zoo reptile house by David Fennell of Brick.ie at Brick Feile Dublin 2023

Brick.ie’s collaborative model this year was Dublin Zoo, and the results were superb – the enclosures were brilliantly detailed, and the reptile house in particular was an impressive LEGO model in its own right!

Brick Feile 2023 - Dublin Zoo collaborative model by Brick.ie members

LEGO dinosaurs by Jessica Farrell

Brick Feile 2023 - LEGO fan event in Dublin - photo of LEGO dinosaur models by Jessica Farrell

Jessica Farrell had a range of dioramas featuring superb brick-built LEGO dinosaurs on display at Brick Féile this year, and there were brilliant to behold – not just the dinosaurs themselves, but the cleverly concocted scenery to place them in presented a stunning overall display.

Jessica is also co-author of the How To Build LEGO Dinosaurs book, so it’s no surprise her dinosaur models are so superb!

A big thanks to David and Breda for organising the event – and the invites over the years! – and to the Brick.ie team for being such brilliant hosts all weekend.