Cromford Builds 2024 - LEGO fan event in Derbyshire - Elm Zoo LEGO model

The late May bank holiday saw Bricks McGee heading to Derbyshire for a weekend of LEGO fun at Cromford Mills in the village of Cromford.

Home to one of Arkwright’s mills – the world’s first to adopt the factory system of production – “Cromford Builds” hosted LEGO model displays from amateur builders alongside activities and trade stalls. Cromford Builds ran in 2023, but 2024 saw a new organiser for the event in the form of Dan from TechBrick.

Our pick of LEGO models at Cromford Builds 2024

As usual, we’ve selected a few of the fan-built LEGO models that stood out over the weekend below. Unusually for a 2 day LEGO event, there was a great variation in displays on the Saturday and the Sunday as those in the marque were able to participate for just a single day. This does mean we missed photographing a rather lovely tram display present on the Saturday which doesn’t feature here – hopefully we’ll catch that at another UK LEGO fan event later in the year.

Medieval LEGO landscape

Cromford Builds LEGO event in Derbyshire - medieval village model

This medieval landscape scene built from LEGO bricks caught our eyes, with some lovely textures and really stunning LEGO tree designs. Unfortunately, we didn’t manage to catch the builder’s name, but do know they were a member of GertLUG, the Bristol LEGO User Group!

LEGO zoo by Elm Zoo

There are plenty of LEGO zoos around, but this LEGO zoo by Elm Bricks has 64 animals listed on their info panel for visitors to find (plus more that weren’t listed!). This masterpiece filled many tables, and is packed with details – and LEGO animals! 

LEGO zoo model by Elm Zoo at Derbyshire LEGO fan event Cromford Builds 2024

Thanks to Dan, Paul and Di of TechBrick for hosting the event, and to John and the Cromford Mills team for a very warm welcome!