Custom LEGO brick printing companies in the UK, USA, Australia and Europe

Where to get custom LEGO brick printing in the UK and abroad

A guide to custom printing LEGO bricks. Designing your bricks, and supplier recommendations for custom LEGO print services in the UK, Europe, Australia / New Zealand, and the USA.

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LEGO railway bridge and valley by Bricks McGee

AFOL interview with Bricks McGee, AFOL & LEGO model builder

Interview with UK LEGO fan Richard Carter – aka Bricks McGee. Expect LEGO trains, city and more!

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Custom LEGO model design by Bricks McGee

6 years of Bricks McGee – LEGO models and workshops

Celebrating six years of Bricks McGee – LEGO workshops and model commissions for museums, schools and corporate clients.

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Bricks McGee on BBC Radio Leeds talking about LEGO workshops

Bricks McGee workshops on BBC Radio Leeds

What a day! I’m in the middle of running some very popular LEGO workshops for Leeds City Council and Leeds Markets, and I was asked to appear on BBC Radio Leeds to talk about the LEGO Workshops at Leeds Kirkgate Market.

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Paredes de Coura LEGO Fan Weekend 2018

I recently had the pleasure of attending and exhibiting at the Portuguese Fan Weekend in Parades de Coura in northern Portugal, hosted by Comunidade 0937.

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LEGO builder Steve Mayes; Transporter Bridge LEGO model

LEGO builder interview – Steve Mayes, Brick This

I first came across Steve Mayes on Twitter with his photography business a few years ago. Nowadays, he’s a full time LEGO architect with his business Brick This, and has worked with an impressive array of clients both regionally, and nationally. Based in North Shields in the North East of England, Steve’s background in architectural […]

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High Level Bridge in Newcastle in LEGO bricks

Newcastle’s High Level Bridge in LEGO bricks

Members of the public will have the chance to help build the High Level Bridge at Gateshead Library on October 21st during the Anime Attacks event.

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Arbeia Roman Fort in LEGO at South Shields Museum

Little Landmarks LEGO exhibition in South Shields

Bricks McGee has an exhibition of 10 local landmarks on display at South Shields Museum on display until September.

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Featured in top 50 LEGO blogs

The Bricks McGee blog has been featured in a list of top 50 LEGO blogs worldwide!

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LEGO city display at Consett YMCA 2016

LEGO activity ideas for museums

LEGO can be a great draw for museums looking for new activities to bring in more visitors in quiet periods. Here are some ideas for LEGO events and activities you can use in your museum…

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Award winning LEGO model, Durham Cathedral

Durham Cathedral – a multi-award winning LEGO model!

As a volunteer on the Durham Cathedral LEGO model project for its three year course, it was with great pleasure – though no surprise! – that this fund-raising project has received three awards. Durham Cathedral in LEGO® Durham Cathedral in LEGO was a fund-raising project that ran for three years, from 11th July 2013 – 29th […]

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Tyne Bridge in LEGO

LEGO Tyne Bridge

Introducing my microscale Tyne Bridge in LEGO! I’ve been working on various scales and styles of the LEGO Tyne Bridge for many years – all in various states of completion and there’s nothing like a deadline to get some done! The LEGO Tyne Bridge model uses approximately 150 – 200 bricks (I’m not one for […]

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