LEGO brick hire in the UK

How to hire LEGO bricks in the UK

Hiring LEGO bricks can be a new and strange new world, so here’s Bricks McGee’s guide on hiring LEGO bricks in the U.K.

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LEGO workshops in the UK

International LEGO Day – Our Favourite LEGO Facts

January 28th is International LEGO Day, and to celebrate, we’ve put together a list of our favourite LEGO facts for you to enjoy!

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LEGO Boeing 747 model by Daz Jones - LEGO Ideas

LEGO fan interview with Daz Jones

In another of our LEGO fan interview series, we speak to Australian AFOL Daz about his Boeing 747 Cockpit model on LEGO Ideas.

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Virtual LEGO workshops by Bricks McGee

4 ways to team-build with LEGO® bricks on Zoom video calls

Our team-building experts share our tips for engaging activities using LEGO bricks during Zoom conference calls.

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Online LEGO workshops by Bricks McGee

Come & play with Bricks McGee online workshops with LEGO bricks

Join Bricks McGee for virtual LEGO workshops during the COVID-19 lockdown. Regular events are open to the public (booking required), and are a great activity to get your kids thinking creatively.

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Custom LEGO brick printing companies in the UK, USA, Australia and Europe

Where to get custom LEGO brick printing in the UK and abroad

A guide to custom printing LEGO bricks. Designing your bricks, and supplier recommendations for custom LEGO print services in the UK, Europe, Australia / New Zealand, and the USA.

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LEGO exhibitions and events for museums

Three ideas with LEGO bricks for World Book Day workshops

If you’re organising events for World Book Day in the UK, why not use these free ideas for World Book Day LEGO workshops? Great for kids and adults!

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LEGO city display at Consett YMCA 2016

LEGO activity ideas for museums

LEGO can be a great draw for museums looking for new activities to bring in more visitors in quiet periods. Here are some ideas for LEGO events and activities you can use in your museum…

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LEGO railway display at Shildon NRM LEGO show 2016

How to make your LEGO City more realistic

Struggling to make your LEGO city more realistic? Read this article on key changes you can make to your own LEGO city to make improve its realism.

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Top tips for finding cheap Lego in the UK

LEGO is not a cheap hobby, as I’m sure any AFOL – or parent with a LEGO-addicted child – is well aware of! But, there are some ways to get cheaper LEGO sets and parts. So, here’s my list of tips for finding cheap (well, cheaper!) LEGO in the UK. It’s worth bearing in mind that […]

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To open LEGO, or not to open

I see a lot of messages on LEGO forums and Facebook groups from AFOLs (Adult Fans Of LEGO) asking whether they should open a box, or save it to sell on.

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LEGO track geometry

LEGO track geometry may not sound exciting, but it presents some limitations for the LEGO train fan.

Most LEGO train sets you receive contain a simple loop, or a loop with a single siding, and aren’t overly inspiring, but with a little knowledge and inspiration, more complex layouts can be achieved – great for LEGO train displays, or just your city at home.

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