LEGO Scala diner scene by Victoria Worsley at Calder Valley Brick Show 2024 in West Yorkshire

We kicked off 2024 with our first LEGO fan event of the year in West Yorkshire – in the town of Mytholmroyd at Calder Valley Brick Show 2024.

The event was in its 5th year (spread over many more thanks to Covid and localised flooding), and held more LEGO model exhibitors than ever before, from LEGO trains to city scenes, Star Wars, Disney, vintage LEGO sets, and even LEGO robotics activities for kids. Organised by Mark and Debbie, the faces behind independent LEGO store The Brick Shack, this one day event proved a big draw for local LEGO fans.

Our pick of models at Calder Valley Brick Show 2024

For a reasonably small venue, there were plenty of LEGO models on display, making our picks challenging. It was very challenging to visit Calder Valley Brick Show this year and miss our first pick, though….

Mark and Darren’s giant LEGO Jurassic Park landscape

Giant LEGO Jurassic Park scenery at Calder Valley Brick Show 2024 in West Yorkshire

Our first pick was really hard to miss – Mark and Darren’s superb LEGO Jurassic Park display, over 4 metres square of LEGO dinosaurs! Featuring locations from different films in the Jurassic Park and Jurassic World series, tied together with the classic Jurassic Park ride track throughout. A really well thought out display, and it was also brilliantly transported, too, arriving in large wooden crates which were inverted to act as a stage for the model.

Huge LEGO Jurassic Park model at Calder Valley Brick Show 2024

Victoria’s LEGO Scala diner scene

LEGO Scala diner scene by Victoria Worsley at Calder Valley Brick Show 2024 in West Yorkshire

It took us a little longer to spot this model – a brilliantly bustling diner built from LEGO by Victoria Worsley, using LEGO Scala figures and accessories. Victoria intrigued us with loads of fantastic part use (including LEGO watch straps as curtains in her dollhouse model next to this), as well as the creation of this above scene, with a waiter slipping on a badly placed skateboard and plates flying everywhere.

LEGO castle model by G Bricks

LEGO castle model at Calder Brick Show 2024 by G Bricks

The above is a small shot of a large castle and impressive castle built by Teenage LEGO fan “G Bricks. Despite a few technical issues with the build (meaning we could only photograph a small half of it, above), it was impressive in both scale and techniques. The dragon particularly was a masterpiece of “nice part usage”, with a LEGO gear wheel used as teeth (and connected to the jaw with an upside-down plant piece!).

Thanks to Mark, Debbie and the team for hosting the event. If they sound like a lot of fun – they are – and it’s worth taking a look at our list of LEGO fan events in the UK and Ireland for 2024 here for an event close to you!