LEGO workshops and Bricks McGee in the Telegraph

I know our LEGO workshops are brilliant already, having worked with clients large and small throughout the U.K., but having my LEGO workshops featured in a national newspaper again is a brilliant start to the year!

An article entitled “Millennials block out stress at LEGO classes” in the daily newspaper Telegraph published in early January 2020 (also published online, here) promotes the wellbeing and corporate team building benefits of LEGO workshops and activities.

LEGO workshops in The Daily Telegraph

LEGO workshops for adults and wellbeing

In particular focus was adult LEGO workshops and how the LEGO hobby benefits its followers. Building LEGO sets, or custom models, can be a very relaxing hobby for our modern minds full of the daily stresses including finance, relationships and more. The full concentration applied to building a complex – or even a simple – LEGO model allows many adults to relax and focus on the moment: the essential philosophy begins mindfulness.

As quoted in the newspaper article, “mindfulness comes with building something [from LEGO bricks]. I think that’s the appeal for adult fans: it’s time to switch off. You don’t have to be glued to a screen”.

Our Bricks + Beers LEGO workshops are designed with an adult audience in mind, and can be tailored for a range of event types, from evening social events to team building activities.

I’ve personally found LEGO building to be a great source of relaxation – I take great enjoyment in building models for my own pleasure, and for display at LEGO shows throughout the UK. For me, another major factor in my enjoyment of the hobby is socialising with like-minded adults who love the LEGO hobby too.

Build on – and I hope to see you at a LEGO workshop in 2020.