2018’s best LEGO sets for Christmas

Not sure what to buy the LEGO fan in your life this Christmas? Let me help! Plenty of ideas for kids, AFOLs and more in this “best LEGO present” list for Christmas 2018.

It’s that time of year again, already! Christmas 2018 is coming more quickly than I’d really like it to. Here are a few suggestions of the best LEGO sets to give as presents this year, for kids and adults in your families.

No affiliate links or sponsored products here – just links to help out parents and relatives to get that perfect LEGO gift. Please note recommended age ranges for each product on the linked LEGO.com product page.

Prices are all roughly based on LEGO’s own RRP here in the U.K., so shopping around will help you uncover deals from other retailers. Historically, Smyth’s Toys are great at discounting at certain times throughout the year, John Lewis’ price match guarantee makes the department store chain worth reviewing at times, and Argos can have some excellent deals though (in my experience) they are never in stock when you come to buy!

Thanks to all of those LEGO fans who contributed to this year’s list – both on Twitter, and many members of my LEGO User Group, Brick Alley!

LEGO Christmas presents £10 and under

As you’ll probably know, £10 doesn’t go a long way with LEGO bricks, but you can get a lot of “bang for your buck” with non-licensed sets (e.g., LEGO City, Friends), than the licensed themes.

  • LEGO Spinjitsu spinner set
    Ninjago “Spinjitsu” spinners 
    (£9.99)- the basic sets fall in at £9.99 RRP (currently £7.99 on LEGO.com!), and provide a short build and a long play time – enjoy a Christmas Day full of these spinners floating around your living room!

  • Brickheadz (£9.99+)- I’m not personally a huge fan of this brick-built line of LEGO figures, but many LEGO fans of all ages are! The single Brickheadz sets fall in at £9.99 RRP,  and there is a large selection of themes and figures to chose; I suspect Star Wars’ Kylo Ren Brickheadz will be popular with many this Christmas, as will Chewbacca’s BrickHeadz.
  • Mighty Micros: Batman™ vs. Harley Quinn™ LEGO set for Christmas 2018
    Mighty Micros (£9.99) – you can’t go too far wrong with superheroes AND cars, and the LEGO Mighty Micro sets provide exactly that! One of my personal favourites is Batman vs Harley Quinn.

LEGO presents £20 and under

Now we’re getting there – £20 and under can buy some reasonable LEGO sets for this year’s Christmas presents! So, what’s cool this Christmas for under £20?

  • LEGO Friends - Emma's Art Stand - Christmas 2018 set
    Emma’s Art Stand (£17.99) –
    a nice mid-sized LEGO set from LEGO’s Friends range.
  • 60181 LEGO City Forest Tractor - Christmas 2018 recommendation
    LEGO City Forest Tractor (£17.99)
    – not only one of the best LEGO City sets in this year’s releases, but it makes a superb gift for Christmas for under £20! Lots of play features in this set with its big claw and chunky tyres, and what child wouldn’t’ want a LEGO chainsaw for Christmas? 😉
  • LEGO art - Buzz Lightyear mug
    LEGO themed mugs
     from ToysRArt. UK artist Deborah Cauchi (see her AFOL interview on my blog here) focuses on LEGO-themed art, and has a great range of original art mugs available through her online shop. I suspect this “Buzz” mug will be a huge hit in any house where Toy Story fans live, but Deborah has a huge range of figures and themes and to suit any taste.

LEGO presents £30 and under

Someone’s going to be lucky this Christmas! £30 or so can buy a lot of LEGO this year, particularly if you shop around.

  • LEGO City Heavy Cargo Transport - 60183
    LEGO City Heavy Cargo Transport (£24.99) 
    – a superbly chunky LEGO build, this set features a large truck and helicopter; a perfect combination in every child’s – and adult’s – mind!
  • LEGO® NINJAGO® Lloyd Minifigure Alarm Clock
    Ninjago Lloyd alarm clock (£24.99)
    – Ninjago is the in-thing with kids, supported by TV programmes. Ninjas and LEGO – how could you resist?!
  • LEGO City Arctic Air Transport (£24.99) – this LEGO set has everything in a small package: exotic animal, a buggy, and a large helicopter!

LEGO presents £50 and under

£50 is a generous Christmas present budget! You can buy some really reasonable LEGO sets for this year’s Christmas presents for your family, friends and loved ones this year.

  • LEGO Friends - Mia's Camper Van set
    Mia’s Camper Van (£49.99) – some brilliant colours and hours of fun playing with this well-thought out LEGO camping set, featuring a tent, horse, picnic bench and huge camper van.
  • LEGO Ludo game for Christmas 2018
    LEGO Ludo Game (£34.99)
    – an easy win with this LEGO set – a LEGO set to build, and then a game for all of the family to play.
  • Harry Potter Quidditch Match (£34.99) – some excellent figures and play features in this scaled-down Quidditch pitch. Hours of fun (and that’s just for the adults!).


Present ideas for LEGO fans under £100

  • Hogwarts™ Whomping Willow™ LEGO set
    Hogwarts Whomping Willow (£59.99) – a brilliant model of a very memorable scene from the Harry Potter series.
  • More coming soon!

LEGO set present ideas over £100

Coming soon!

LEGO set present ideas for your dad / husband / boyfriend / mum / girlfriend / wife / partner

Every adult LEGO fan is different, but here are a few ideas on what might make a nice Christmas gift for that LEGO fan in your life this year!

Coming soon!

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