Shildon LEGO show team photo - 2016 LEGO event

It’s that time again! Here is my list of LEGO and AFOL events in the UK for 2018. Skip to events »

We have been doing this for a few years now (see 2017’s list, and 2016’s), and the list has become a little overwhelming as LEGO has burgeoned in popularity, so we have reorganised how LEGO events are categorised:

  1. LEGO shows are displays open to the public which are held over one or more days. The size and format of these shows is very varied, but you can typically expect a mix of custom-built LEGO displays, and LEGO-related trade stores. They can be organised by LEGO User Groups, individuals, charities, or event companies. LEGO shows also include LEGO displays as part of larger events (e.g., comic cons, other model displays). Some may be free to enter, whilst other LEGO shows may charge an entry fee.
  2. LEGO exhibitions cover longer-term exhibitions of LEGO models, typically in museums or other venues.
  3. Other LEGO events is for everything else, such as family fun days, activity days which involve LEGO.

Within each of those sections, events are ordered by date throughout 2018, from January to December. We have also highlighted events we are attending (labelled), and we have made an effort to highlight larger shows across the UK with a yellow border to help them stand out against the majority of smaller LEGO shows and events.

Many LEGO User Groups also meet on a regular basis across the UK – we haven’t included those meetings here to cut down on the time it takes to maintain this list, but you can find a list of UK LEGO User Groups here. There are also a few after school LEGO clubs we are aware of: these too are omitted, partly to cut my workload down, but also because they don’t tend to be open to the public.

As ever, if you’re running a LEGO event in the UK in 2018, please get in touch and we’ll get your event added.