January 28th is International LEGO Day each year. It celebrates the day that the first patent for the globally famous interlocking plastic brick was submitted in Denmark, the home country of the LEGO brick.

We also have a list of facts about the LEGO company here to celebrate international LEGO day.

If you’d like to celebrate the day of the LEGO brick, dive in for some hands-on challenges for you and your family (or work colleagues, we’re not judging).

LEGO tower building activity

LEGO tower building activity for team building workshops

Tower building is a classic LEGO activity. Can you build the tallest tower just from LEGO bricks? As part of our team building exercises we have many variations to make this a more challenging, engaging experience, but the core challenge is the same – build to the sky as high as you can with a freestanding tower from LEGO bricks.

If you need a variant to play, why not try building a tower of loosely connected bricks – the last person to add a piece to one tower without it collapsing wins!

Guess Who with LEGO bricks

LEGO portraits activity for LEGO team building workshops

This one works best with 2 or more players – a take on the classic board game “Guess Who”. Each player should build one person from LEGO bricks, with a clear face, eye colour, hair colour and facial hair. You can set a time limit, such as 10 minutes per portrait, or for an extra challenge for experienced builders, make it even quicker!

Takings it in turns, each player gets one question to ask about the appearance of their portrait – the winner is the first one to correctly identify another player’s portrait fully.

Local landmarks

LEGO bricks image to promote LEGO workshops in the UK

Another classic LEGO activity – particularly in our virtual workshops with LEGO bricks – is this creative guessing game. Each player is given a set amount of time to build a landmark (man-made or natural!) from LEGO bricks.
Player then take it in turns to guess the landmark’s location. You can vary this game by specifying a country (eg, only landmarks in France!), or even a city (London landmarks only).

That’s our list of LEGO activity suggestions for you to celebrate International LEGO Day – great fun for all ages!