Brick Corner LEGO cafe in Buxton, Derbyshire

We had the pleasure of visiting the Brick Corner café in Buxton, Derbyshire this week. Brick Corner is a cafe with a twist – they have LEGO sets you can build while you drink tea or coffee and sample their lunch menu!

This “LEGO-café” brings a range of LEGO and DUPLO sets to eager hands of all ages in the heart of Derbyshire.

Build LEGO sets with a coffee!

An impressive mug of hot chocolate at Brick Corner LEGO cafe in Buxton

A very impressive hot chocolate at Brick Corner café.

How could you improve a café, we hear you say? Add a stack of LEGO sets to build while you drink and eat – particularly handy in Buxton which was typically rainy on the day of our visit.

There are a pile of small LEGO City, Friends, LEGO Movie, and even DUPLO sets available for building to keep you entertained. Brick Corner also run regular workshops, and activities with robotics kits – Dave, one of the owners, was a teacher in his previous profession, and ran First LEGO League robot teams – the cafe’s walls have a really impressive array of FLL trophies on display.

We did find a few sets missing small parts, which can be easily replaced when you ask at the counter.

Workshops and activities

LEGO and DUPLO set building at Brick Corner LEGO cafe in Buxton, Derbyshire

This was about our level of set building at Brick Corner!

The cafe also runs workshops and activities, particular during half terms and school holidays – booking is highly recommend as they can become incredibly busy during this time. Activities include – new for Easter 2023 – build-and-take style activities in which families can build a model and take it home,

So, if you’re in Derbyshire and fancy a coffee, cake and a quick build, drop in to Brick Corner café in Buxton! You can find out more about the café including its location and opening hours on their website at