LEGO railway display at Shildon NRM LEGO show 2016

November this year saw a great milestone for Brick Alley LUG – our first self-organised LEGO show. Brick Alley at Shildon NRM 2016 started after the National Railway Museum at Shildon.

The show started when the NRM asked us to consider holding a larger scale LEGO event on the success of a longer-term static display of LEGO, which had received great feedback from visitors, staff and volunteers. Almost overnight, we were in charge of the biggest LEGO event in the North East of England. Kinda cool (about 50% cool and 50% scary, as it turned out!).

LEGO displays at Shildon 2016

There was a lot to see during the Shildon LEGO show, so I’ve tried to list it below, in case any was missed, or you wanted to find photographs of the displays via the Flickr album of the event.

Shildon 2016 LEGO show - LEGO airport runway

As well as an incredible turnout over the weekend, there was some great LEGO on show (see my Flickr album of displays). Displays included:

  • The “top 5” largest LEGO sets, featuring the UCS Millennium Falcon, Taj Mahal, Ghostbusters HQ, the recently released Big Ben set, and Tower Bridge
  • (My personal favourite) – the Bright Bricks LEGO Hitachi train set, designed by Brick Alley member Matt K
  • Star Wars displays and sets by Jack H and Matt K
  • Andy V’s large LEGO train layout
  • A great collaborative LEGO City layout featuring sets from Brick Alley members Ken and Ian, with a LEGO City airport (pictured above) contributed by me. I’m hoping to expand the LEGO City airport for future displays, adding lights and a terminal, as this received some great feedback over the weekend!
  • A LEGO fairground by Brick Alley member Dave
  • Classic LEGO Space collection from Brick Alley member Matt B
  • A vintage LEGO town display by Jules B of Northern Brickworks
  • A collection of local landmarks, built by Steve Mayes of Northern Brickworks, including a LEGO Baltic and Newcastle Civic Centre
  • A vintage LEGO space display featuring sets and custom builds, by Brickshire member Matt B
  • a huge mosaic courtesy of Fairy Bricks and visitors’ help over the course of the weekend

Shildon LEGO show 2017!

There were some teething issues with queues and car parking which we’re working with the venue to correct next year, but I can confirm Brick Alley will be running Shildon 2017 LEGO show in November 2017. Naturally, I’ve already added it to my UK LEGO events 2017 list!