Custom LEGO model artist - Bricks McGee

About Bricks McGee, LEGO Artist

Bricks McGee is the LEGO-loving alter ego of Richard Carter, who has the absolute pleasure of being able to work as a LEGO artist for hire.

A lifelong LEGO fan, I bring enthusiasm and experience to LEGO workshops and model commissions.

Work with me

Bricks McGee is the LEGO-loving alter ego of Richard Carter.

I got in to LEGO cities at an early age – 5 years old, or so – and haven’t really stopped building since! As with most AFOLs (Adult Fans of LEGO), I had a (short) “dark ages” where I left the LEGO hobby behind, and rediscovered it again shortly after university. I have a dedicated LEGO room at home for my personal collection (if it’s ever tidy I’ll take some photos!).

Since then, I’ve built LEGO exhibitions for museums, run countless LEGO workshops across the country, and built some very, very cool models with my favourite plastic blocks. I’m very lucky to enjoy many working days building with these brilliant bricks.

A passion for building. And playing.

I love to build and I love LEGO bricks, and these passions are something I hope comes across during workshops and LEGO model projects! My passion

I have been fortunate enough to be featured in various news outlets including BBC Radio and The Telegraph, as you can see below. If you’re a journalist looking for some background information on the LEGO hobby or “AFOLdom”, please do get in touch.

Lead image: Cora of Glassball.