I’m an avid LEGO fan and have been since I can remember. I work with people, organisations, businesses and groups on bespoke LEGO model commissions for a variety of projects.

Tyne Bridge in LEGOAn AFOL (Adult Fan of LEGO) based in the UK, I build for displaying at LEGO exhibitions and shows, and have had the pleasure of displaying at large LEGO fan events as well as at events including those organised by the National Railway Museum.

LEGO models, displays & commissions

I’m also available to talk to the media about LEGO collecting and LEGO fandom, and have hired my LEGO collection to companies including IKEA to help with promotional events. I tend to be working on many custom LEGO design and build projects concurrently, though a recurring theme is various UK railway stations/locomotives (particularly with a North East English flavour) and working my way through many North East landmarks in LEGO such as the Tyne Bridge, too.

I’m a huge fan of the UK Adult Fans Of LEGO (AFOL) community, and have a list of UK LEGO events for 2017 (see UK LEGO events for 2018, in progress!). I also have a list of LEGO User Groups in the UK.